Fall 2016 Craighead House Chronicles Is Now Out

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The fifth edition of Craighead House Chronicles is now out. You can download it here:   Fall 2016

or email CraigheadHouse@gmail.com to have it automatically sent to you.

If you want a hardcopy, just print the PDF on 8.5 X 11 inch paper on a color printer. If your printer will print two-sided, you may have to check the flip option. It prints neatly on both sides of two sheets of paper. Fold the sheets in half and you have a booklet.

The End of an Era

A month after turning 100, John Johnson Craighead died in his sleep Sunday morning September 18, 2016. Two weeks later, his 96-year-old bride of 71 years, Margaret “Cony” Craighead passed. Their lives and deaths have been well covered by the media. Here are links to some recent articles: