Ribbon-Cutting a Resounding Success


Rather than blabber on and on about how successful the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Parking Lot/ADA Comfort Station and Shutters projects, I will let The Sentinel, the local newspaper, speak for us: https://cumberlink.com/news/local/communities/boiling_springs/craighead-house-supporters-celebrate-important-project-milestone/article_78697c1c-e774-5c09-a93d-d67fba87ec22.html






Summer 2018 Craighead House Chronicles released

The fourth and final edition of Volume 3 of Craighead House Chronicles has been published, completing the first three years of the newsletter. Volume 4, Number 1 will be out the beginning of October, reporting on what happens this summer.

If you’d like to start receiving Craighead House Chronicles in your inbox on the day of publication, email us at CraigheadHouse@gmail.com. In the meantime, you can read it at this link:  Summer 2018 5.5 x. 8.5 for web

Fall 2016 Craighead House Chronicles Is Now Out

Newsletter Masthead

The fifth edition of Craighead House Chronicles is now out. You can download it here:   Fall 2016

or email CraigheadHouse@gmail.com to have it automatically sent to you.

If you want a hardcopy, just print the PDF on 8.5 X 11 inch paper on a color printer. If your printer will print two-sided, you may have to check the flip option. It prints neatly on both sides of two sheets of paper. Fold the sheets in half and you have a booklet.

The End of an Era

A month after turning 100, John Johnson Craighead died in his sleep Sunday morning September 18, 2016. Two weeks later, his 96-year-old bride of 71 years, Margaret “Cony” Craighead passed. Their lives and deaths have been well covered by the media. Here are links to some recent articles:






We’ll Miss Bill Craighead

It is with much sadness we report that William Moore “Bill” Craighead passed away on January 1st. Ninety years old, Bill had a rich, full life. He is survived by his loving wife Betty, son Clay and his wife, and grandchildren. Bill spent his growing years in the Gettysburg area and Harrisburg—except for his summers, which were spent at Craighead House where he slept on the sleeping porch with his brother Sam, the twins, hawks, owls, and even an Indian raja—until he was drafted out of high school at 18. He spent WWII as a radio/radarman on LSM315, a landing craft capable of ferrying men and equipment to beachheads. During the Okinawa invasion, the largest use of Kamikazes in WWII attacked American landing soldiers, tanks and supplies on the beach and ferrying wounded soldiers and Marines back to hospital ships.

After returning from the war, Bill attended Lebanon Valley College where he graduated with more than a degree. He was also engaged to Miss Lebanon Valley College of 1952, Betty Bakley. He taught biology at George School in Newtown, Pennsylvania where Betty worked in the library, except when their two sons were young. For a time, he ran a beekeeping business out of Craighead House in addition to teaching.

Bill and Betty attended events at Craighead House whenever his health permitted.

Friends since childhood David Masland, Jean Craighead George & Bill Craighead chat in Craighead House kitchen in 2011. Courtesy Charlie Craighead.

Friends since childhood David Masland, Jean Craighead George & Bill Craighead chat in Craighead House kitchen in 2011. Courtesy Charlie Craighead.

2016 Annual Campaign Is Underway

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