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In August, the local PBS affiliate WITF interviewed John Coyle, Sarah Fischer, Twig George and Tom Benjey about Jean Craighead George as part of their Authors & Their Hometowns segment. The 5-minute video will be broadcast on WITF TV Sunday, September 16 at 2:25 pm and 11:45 pm EDT. The video is available from the WITF website for viewing any time:


Mark Madison, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Historian, interviewed Tom Benjey at the National Conservation Training Center in Shepherdstown, WV. Here is a link to a video recording of that talk/interview:…/video-galle…/conservation-action.html

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PennLive coverage of PennLive coverage of 80/85 Craighead Anniversary Celebration.

PennLive report on upcoming Craighead House Celebration.

Carlisle Sentinel reports on 80/85 Craighead Anniversary Celebration.


John Craighead’s photo is featured in the May 2016 edition of National Geographic in an article on Yellowstone Park.


Craighead House featured in April 1, 2016 Carlisle Sentinel article about raising money for historic preservation.

Building Preservation


ABC TV affiliate piece aired November 5, 2015 on cataloging the kitchen artwork:

Cataloging the kitchen artwork


Preserving the Kitchen Artwork

July 13, 2015 Sentinel article on the kitchen artwork:

Preserving Paintings


Pennsylvania Heritage cover lores

The Craighead Family – Pennsylvania Heritage Summer 2015

Committee Looks to Preserve Painting on Walls of Craighead House – Carlisle Sentinel 7/14/2015

Zoning Board Approves Variance for Craighead House Renovation – Carlisle Sentinel 8/14/14  Note: The article includes one error: the application was for a museum and educational center. The term “convention center” was not used in the application.

Local Quilter makes Quilt for Craighead House – Carlisle Sentinel 8/6/2014


Cary Burkett of WITF, the local PBS station, interviewed Tom Benjey about his upcoming book on The Craighead Naturalists.  The podcast and accompanying article written by Mr. Burkett is located at WITF website 6/20/2014

Cumberland County Historical Society lists Craighead House on county’s register of historic places – Carlisle Sentinel 6/14/2014

PHMC Designates Historical Marker for Craighead House – Carlisle Sentinel 4/25/2014

Craighead House marker boosts restoration hopes – Carlisle Sentinel 4/4/2014

Fall 2013 Lecture Series – Carlisle Sentinel 9/12/2013

New Life for a Beloved Writer’s Home? – Philadelphia Inquirer 9/8/2013

Craighead House Will Be A Community Gem – Carlisle Sentinel 12/22/2012

Craighead Home in South Middleton Township to be Restored – Harrisburg Patriot-News on-line edition 12/21/2012

South Middleton’s Craighead House to be Preserved, Restored – Carlisle Sentinel 12/17/2012

Craighead Iron Bridge to be Demolished – Carlisle Sentinel 12/5/2012

The Craigheads’ Pennsylvania Roots – Penn Stater Alumni Magazine on-line version 9/6/2012

About the Craighead Family – Carlisle Sentinel 9/3/2012

Saving Craighead House – Carlisle Sentinel 9/3/2012