Teaching Craighead

Green Ash stump

The curriculum for our My Side of the Mountain class is being developed. To make the class more experiential, we students will be able to handle, or at least see up close, many of the objects and foods Sam Gribley used on his adventure. Most of the items can be found, created, or donated by people interested in supporting Craighead House. If you have or can make and would like to donate any of the items on the list below, please email us at CraigheadHouse@gmail.com. We don’t expect to use more than a fraction of the food items and will adjust the lessons to accommodate what is donated. The list is divided into three sections: What Sam brought form the city, objects he found, and foods. Please take a few minutes to look over the list to see if there’s anything on it you’d like to contribute. Click below to see the list.

Sam Gribley’s Things

A major step forward in developing our My Side of the Mountain class took place in the fall of 2015. The VERY tall green ash tree in the backyard was taken down before it fell on the house. Everyone was sad to see it go but its rot made it too dangerous to keep. The bright side of the story is that enough of its stump was left to allow it to serve as a visual reminder of Sam Gribley’s mountain home and as a teaching station. The logs on the ground will be converted to stools, tables, and firewood to create a learning area. The rotted opening visible at its base can be enlarged enough for a small child to get a sense of what Sam’s “house” would’ve been like.